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Twenty-one-year-old Cooper Galt – “Coop” – is adrift. College? ...sorta.  Job? ...kinda. Romance? ...nope. Coop works as a tech in his father’s defense research company. An accident leaves Coop with the ability to run really, REALLY fast — so fast he can approach the speed of light. So fast his street clothes burn off his body. So fast he can vibrate through walls. What does his old high school chum Malorie think he should do with this new-found ability? She thinks he should become the famous comic book character The Streak and serve Mankind. Coop would rather enter the Olympics and sign endorsement deals. But The Ghost has ideas of his own, and he can run pretty fast himself. And steal. And murder. Can Coop finally commit to doing something, or will The Ghost triumph over The Streak?


For a year, until I left Hollywood behind and moved to Cambria, California, to write novels, I teamed with a talented young writer who never failed to make me laugh, Jason Cooper. Coopie is one of those wonderful people everyone loves because he is a bringer of light. Plus he was in his early twenties, and I was not in my early twenties. Our teaming, then, made me younger (important in Hollywood) and Coopie (at least theoretically) more experienced. We concocted two original screenplays, THEM! Came From Outer Space!, a parody of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and what we called Flash Returns. We did not, do not, and are not likely to own the copyright to DC Comics’ Flash character, so we wrote the script with an out, and here is the out: Coop Galt (yes, I named our lead Coop out of affection for my writing partner and then steadfastly refused to change it) only pretends to be the Flash. He never really, actually, truly is the Flash, and eventually TimeWarner (in the script) dispatches legal eagles to retake their copyrighted property. What this meant was, if Warners didn’t want to make our version of their Flash, we could rewrite him, call him something else, and retain the copyright to our character and our story, hence this screenplay, The Streak.

Again, Coop Galt really isn’t The Streak. He’s merely usurped the identity of a (now fictional) comic book character called The Streak.

When it was submitted to Warners in the summer of 2003, the script made quite an impact around the lot and there was hope, certainly in the hearts of its two writers, that Warners would produce Flash Returns. But for reasons we never really understood, the heat cooled, (although the script led to Coop being courted by an agent or two — I didn’t need one) and the script was not purchased and produced. One agent said, “Warners doesn’t own the copyright to guy who runs fast, so let’s market it elsewhere,” but nothing came of that, either, because while Warners doesn’t own the copyright to ‘guy who runs fast’ they do own the Flash. I might make a car as good as Mercedes, but, you know, it won’t be a Mercedes.

We added some abilities to The Streak that Flashie doesn’t have — the ability to fly like a helicopter, as an example, and invisibility. On the other hand we had to lose that wonderful gadget, his ring suit-dispenser. Now that was one cool device.

It’s really too bad that this script never saw light of day because everyone agreed it was a treat, with lots of gags and an entertaining plot line and satisfying resolution. We are proud of the script and present it here for your entertainment.

– Richard Taylor, Cambria, California, August 2010


I can honestly say, with absolute authority, that without the friendship and support of Richard Taylor and Jackie Ward I would still be waiting tables in a restaurant known for “Early Bird” specials while being forced to wear a Cub Scout uniform. Richard decided to reach out to this young scout and offer me a chance to work on a couple of scripts with him and I am forever grateful. I learned so much from him and enjoyed out time together immensely. I also enjoyed the double cheeseburgers, fries and many glasses of Ms. Ward’s Chablis wine. I look back on those times—and these scripts—with great fondness and affection. And though the powers that be in Hollywood never decided to purchase The Streak or Them! because they are dumb (something else I can say with absolute authority) that in no way diminishes the value in these screenplays and the joy that I have in revisiting them all these years later. I hope you will enjoy them as well.

Champagne Fishes & Caviar Streams

Jason L. Cooper


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